Autumn 2001: Niccokick was born.

January 2002: The legendary first gig at The Tivoli in Helsingborg, part of the Popkorn competition. Get kicked out in the first round.

April 2002: The first demo. The Swedish music press, including Groove, Nöjesguiden and Sonic, took notice of the band and praised them to the skies.

Summer 2002: Recording the second demo.

December 2002: The third demo is completed.

June 2003: Daniel Teodorsson joins Niccokick. They release their first vinyl EP, Bye Bye! Friend. Play the Emmaboda festival.

November 17th 2003: The first EP, Turn 27, is released on CD.

Spring 2004: 35 gigs, 13 of which were together with Snook on the Hultsfred on Wheels tour that trailed through Sweden for two weeks in May.

June 2004: Release a new EP, Run! Run! Run!. Play the Hultsfred festival on June 19th. Recording for Swedish National Television.

October 20th 2004: Single release, Love & Neon Lights.

November 10th 2004: Niccokick’s debut album, Awake From the Dead, My Dear Best Friend, is released.

July 8th 2005: Gatecrash a jetsetters party in Saint-Tropez but avoid being thrown out through performing a much celebrated acoustic version of I Drink to Get Thrilled.

January 2007: Andreas Söderlund regrets writing Turn 27, which is about living the rock n’roll cliché of live fast, die young. Andreas wrote the song when he was 23, he’s now 27 and suffers from death anxiety.

February 2007: Andreas Söderlund burns out after working non-stop with producing & touring with Hello Saferide, recording with Niccokick, releasing an album and touring with Sounds Like Violence.

November 2007: Niccokick shoot their video for the first single from the Good Times We Shared, Were They So Bad? A confused member of the audience gets up on stage, beats up Andreas Söderlund and accuses Niccokick of being red wine drinkers. The rest of the band get upset since they prefer beer and spirits.

February 2008: The Good Times We Shared, Were They So Bad? is released to the sound of united critics, singing the praises of the band’s genius. The video for The Poet is the first ever rock video to win an Oscar for best male support act.

Mårten Wennelin