Niccokick - The good times we shared, were they so bad?
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"The good times we shared, were they so bad?"





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February 7, 2008

The road leading up to the final version of The Good Times We Shared, Were They So Bad? has been filled with tours, death anxiety, breakdowns, therapy and the odd coffee break. Niccokick has been hard, but pleasant, work since day one. Combined with numerous other side projects, continuous touring and record producing, the band got close to a collective suicide in early 2007, due to pure exhaustion. Other bands have learnt their lesson through similar situations and slowed down. Niccokick learnt nothing and after having apathetically stared into the inside of some plastic carrier bags, they rose again, straight into top gear and they let loose as if their nervous breakdowns had never happened.

Because of, thanks to or despite all of this, The Good Times We Shared, Were They So Bad? is the best work the group has produced, and a good indication of what the Swedish indie scene should expect in 2008. With a little help from Annika Norlin (Hello Saferide, Säkert!), various other musicians and some friends, they’ve created a tight collection of songs just as suitable for the party as it is for the morning after.

The Good Times We Shared, Were They So Bad? sees the beginning of a new era of the Swedish indie scene, which Niccokick had previously defined at the start of the twenty-first century. Niccokick is ready to get out there to create new live legends for the masses in 2008.

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1. 15 Broken Bones (Andreas Söderlund) Buy - - X
2. The art of doing nothing (Andreas Söderlund) Buy - - X
3. The Poet (Andreas Söderlund) Buy - X X
4. Troubled (Andreas Söderlund) Buy - - X
5. White light / Red light (Andreas Söderlund) Buy - - X
6. Your hands were so warm (Andreas Söderlund) Buy - - X
7. You must be on drugs or something (Andreas Söderlund) Buy - - X
8. Teenage Love (Andreas Söderlund) Buy - X X
9. Whatever happens I’ll love you (Andreas Söderlund) Buy - - X
10. Don't say you're sorry (Andreas Söderlund) Buy - - X
11. This pain in my throat is just a sign of health anxiety (Andreas Söderlund) Buy - - X
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Second CD released by Niccokick