• Rich Brunettes

Someday I will let you know
Why I just come and go
What is love? What does it mean?
You're OK but far from the best I've seen

Can take forever to find someone who's clever

I want firstclass, I want gold
I've picked up trash, I've sold my soul
No Ex Models, No second hand
Since I don't find you suitable, I have to let you pass

The grass is greaner on the other side
I want the girls on the other side, HEY!
I want things that I can't get
I want all the rich brunettes

They're not so clever, But hey whatever

There's a backside to everything
They don't love you, they love your diamond rings
I thought there was a princess waiting for me
But how I was wrong, dumb blondes is all I see

Glam, Ecstasy, Heroin, What is it doing to me
Limousine, Hip Chicks, I want it all more and more

Make up, lap dance, I'm in a trance
Violins, Teenage kicks, I want it all more and more

There's a backside to everything
The beat is dead and I'm no longer king
The streets are all quiet, just a sound in my head
I wanted to much, I'm crawling to my bed