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Startracks signs Niccokick

There are a couple of great record labels left on the planet. One is Razzia Records who put out our first cd, and then there is Startracks.
We're happy to announce that Startracks will release our second album. We've been a fan of this label and Fredrik has always been a fan of us, so why not work together!?
14 songs has been recorded and we plan to record one more before we're ready for mixing. The songs are produced by Ronald Bood, me (Andreas Söderlund) and Daniel Teodorsson.

in January 2008 (when the record is to be released), 3 years and 2 months has passed since we released our debute album. Nowadays we sound quite the same but a lot has happened through these years. Old fans wont get dissapointed though.

Read Fredriks words taken from Startracks.se:

New signing on Startracks - Niccokick

I like to think that Startracks run the greatest label in the world. Mainly because I release some of the greatests records in the world. I rarely sign new artists because I spend a lot of time looking for the greatest artists in the world. A new signing has been made and I am proud. Proud and very happy to bring you Niccokick.

They are in the studio as we speak, hopefully we can expect a single in late fall and Album January 2008.

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