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MARCH 2008


Last week's gigs were awesome. Thanks Borås and Trollhättan. In Borås we played at Trägår´n where celebrities like TSOOL and Wannadies have played. The audience was the best since ABBA. In Trollhättan we played att Hotell Stranna where the owner wanted to throw Tobias (merchguy, singer in Iamuse) out because we had a groovy drum session on the merch table two minutes after closing time. The owner now have a nick name: Red Face.
We did a great gig and Club Feber is a very nice club who really appreciate some good old rock and roll…
The rumour says that we’re gonna play the Emmaboda Festival this year, no one seem to know. To be continued … (Imagine horror movie music or maybe the X-files theme…)


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